Danger Dan

I don't know what this is yet. Whatever it is – welcome to it.

An Introduction

Hello. That’s how I thought I would start this introduction. Old school. I approach you as the pinkest and squishiest brand new baby blogger on the scene. I haven’t even spoken to the neighbours yet. I have e-mails in my inbox from companies I’d never heard of this morning. SiteGround.com? Yea my new best mates. Whoever they are…

This blog, like all the rest I imagine, comes to you from a writer who promised themselves one day they would do this. Today I start to do this. I realise for now I’m talking into the void. I’m writing to an audience which will see this a good deal of time from now. That’s assuming this ever manages a following. To lay my cards out, this isn’t my career. This is an aspiration, but a hobby. I write because I enjoy it. It’s therapeutic. By rummaging through my mental loft and throwing the junk at you – it helps me get ready for my loft conversion (I don’t really understand the analogy there either). If something you like hits you in the face as you stand peering at the bottom of the ladder to this mental attic, then I would love you to keep it, play with it, show your friends and forgive me for throwing it at your face if it stings too much.

I don’t really have a plan. I don’t want to review laptops. I know that much. Turing would be staggered by the worst of todays laptops, so who am I to judge? I couldn’t make one, so I can’t mock a multi-national that can. Anyway. I expect I’ll be sporadic on the topics, frequent on the posts. Maybe that could be my new tag-line. I’m using WordPress, which seems to offer me infinite possibility, annoyingly. It’d be great to be confined by the format, if just as an excuse to not invest the effort. So, if you are reading this, you may well read a lot of blogs and I suppose mine will not be the prettiest. We keep this real here. You’re in the club now ok – I like you. But hey, this is about the writing. The furniture is ironic. Hipster. Whatever. Too cool to care, too indifferent to change it (no I will).

The tracks aren’t yet finished, there’s plans for a loop the loop further ahead. For now, we’ll set off and see what this becomes. I shall write the mixed platter and check if you have any allergies. From there, we’ll wing it – sky’s the limit.

Cheers, Dan

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